Ten Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Deborah - Pretty Tables
  1. When I was a Junior in High School, I sold Princess House Crystal and to this day enjoy using it on my table settings. My love for a pretty table, however, came much earlier in life!

  2. I won my first grand champion at the county fair on a Luscious Chocolate Layer Cake–managing to transport it in the Kansas summer heat without the chocolate butter cream frosting weeping all over me. I later served as a 4-H cooking leader and helped a few youngsters win their first champion ribbons. See winning recipes on this blog.

  3. At the tender age of 15, I watched my family’s home burn down dressed in a robe and bare feet in the middle of December. 

    Fun Facts about Deborah - Collects Baskets

  4. A few years ago, I inherited a large portion of my grandma’s glass basket collection and enjoy adding to its number, currently at #47. My grandma’s collection numbered well over 100. 

  5. When I was a Freshman in High School, I jumped off a runaway horse and broke my arm and wrist. The surgeon bought me a cheese pizza for supper in the hospital.

  6. I taught beginning piano lessons for eleven years, teaching our daughters to play as well as many children from school. Two of our daughters now perform semi-professionally, not on the piano, but on stringed instruments. The Vogts Sisters

  7. After our 5th year high school reunion, a classmate and I began dating and married on Valentine’s Day–in the middle of an ice storm. We’ll celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2020!Ten Facts about Deborah - Themed Dinners

  8. Tired of standing in long lines for our anniversary, I began treating my husband to the “Valentine Cafe” for a fancy stay-at-home meal. I now treat our family to all kinds of “themed” meals, including my favorites–shrimp boils and Italian night! 

  9. I authored two inspirational romance novels published by Zondervan. Country Magazine interviewed me when my first book came out. SEE THE ARTICLE HERE.

  10. My husband and I are in the planning process of building a new home, something I’ve dreamed about for over twenty years. There is much to learn with an endless list of comparison shopping–kitchen counters, appliances, etc. I’d love to take you on our journey of building our home and my “dream kitchen” with you here. Stay tuned!