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About Deborah

Wife. Mom. Grandma. Baker. Home Chef.

Hello and Welcome! I’m Deborah Vogts, a Home-Style Country Cook, who enjoys Adventures in Baking and Entertaining. I’m a wife, mom, grandma, recipe blogger, lover of food, baker, and home chef!

Here at Country at Heart Recipes, you’ll find my roots in Home-Style Cooking with ventures in Baking and International Cuisine. To put it simply, I love dabbling in recipes and trying new foods. My grandma did too, so I got it honest! 



One of my favorite things is baking sourdough. After more than a decade, I can still say I dearly love it.



Browse my favorite Spring Entertaining Ideas, including a Mother’s Day brunch and much more.

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Tea Party

Tea Party Themes

I love a well planned tea party. If you’re thinking of hosting a tea party for your family or friends, you’ll find lots of tips and recipes here.

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