A Few Entertaining Tips

One of my favorite things is to entertain our family and friends with a homecooked dinner, complete with appetizers, the main course, and dessert. I may spend hours deciding on the theme and menu, and then comes the fun of choosing the dishes to grace our table.

For me, entertaining is more than serving food. Instead, I like to think I’m serving up a memory that will last a lifetime.

Spring Entertaining

Spring is in the air

After a long, cold winter, it’s always a joy to bring out my spring decorations and dishes. If the weather is nice enough, it’s also fun to plan a brunch or dinner outside. However, here in Kansas, it’s important to include a backup plan in case it turns out to be too cold or windy for al fresco dining. Here are a few of my favorite Spring Entertaining Ideas for picnics, barbecues, a Mother’s Day brunch, and more.

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Collecting Dishes

Could this be an addiction?

I take great pleasure in collecting pretty dishes for my tables. Porcelain, fine china, stoneware, earthenware, depression glass – I love it all. You might even call this pleasure an addiction.

My husband first gifted me with a set of Blue Willow dishes one Christmas many years ago. Plus, I inherited a set or two from family members, and all gained admittance to my treasure trove.

It wasn’t until my empty nest days, however, that my collection really began to blossom. Place me in a thrift store, antique shop, or garage sale and my nose starts sniffing out all the wonderful bargains. It truly is a guilty pleasure. What can I say? I love pretty dishes.

Summer Entertaining

Time for Salads and backyard Barbecues

Summer is a wonderful time to entertain family and friends, whether it’s for an outdoor barbecue, picnic, or just an evening of games. Below are some of my favorite Summer Entertaining Ideas. Get ready to have fun and enjoy the long days of summer!

A Few Appetizers for Summer

Set a Pretty Table

Indoor and outdoor planning

Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor event, your table display can set the mood of your party.

For indoor dining, consider table linens and pretty dishes to match your dinner theme. A Mother’s Day Brunch is the perfect chance to use linens, indoor or out.

Summer parties aren’t just for picnics and barbecues. Consider serving a simple buffet or charcuterie board to your guests. Use bright tablecloths with bouquets of fresh flowers in quart jars tied with string. Keep things casual with disposable plates and matching napkins. Prepare a pitcher of lemonade or sangria and provide a marker to write names on cups.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy this time with your guests.