Thanks for visiting Country at Heart Recipes! I’m Deborah Vogts, a Home-Style Country Cook, who enjoys Adventures in Baking and Entertaining. I’m a wife, mom, grandma, recipe blogger, lover of food, baker, and cook!

Here at Country at Heart Recipes, you’ll find my roots in Home-Style Cooking with ventures in Baking and International Cuisine. To put it simply, I love dabbling in recipes and trying new foods. My grandma did too, so I got it honest! 


Where My Love for Cooking Began

I grew up in rural Kansas, surrounded by dedicated cooks who knew how to feed hungry farm families. As a girl, I learned how to cook at the side of my mom and my grandma, and when old enough, many of their tasks became mine. It was not unusual, especially in the summer months, for me to start or finish evening meals for the family, or cook them from beginning to end.

Also, with ten years in the 4-H Foods Project (age 7 – 17), I knew my way around an oven and always had some dessert for my family to enjoy, whether a cake, pies, or a batch of cookies.

As a mom (and 4-H cooking leader), I passed on that basic food knowledge to our three daughters and desired a place where I could share my recipes with them and their families. That’s how Country at Heart Recipes was born.


Love for Entertaining

As my interests and skills developed, my culinary world grew to explore favorite cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, German, English, Asian, and of course, American.

Grandma's Recipes

Like my grandma, who always had a well-used cookbook, magazines, newspaper clippings, and even her own kitchen index of recipe cards close-by, I enjoy learning about other countries, their foods, and their traditions.

Some of these explorations have led to my love for making homemade pasta, cooking with wines, and finding new ways to use herbs and spices.  

Shrimp Boil Party

One of my favorite ways to share this knowledge of new recipes is to entertain family and friends by hosting themed dinner parties. And tea parties!

Yes, I admit to having a strange fascination for British Tea Parties. See my Tea Party Adventures Here. 

These parties have gone over so well, I am now including Entertaining Ideas for you and your family!


Love for Baking Breads and Desserts

Home-Style Cooking would not be complete without Bread and Dessert. So, here at Country at Heart Recipes, you’ll not only find tried-and-true breakfast and dinner ideas, you’ll also discover vast collections of quick breads, yeast breads, and my specialty sourdough, as well as favorite desserts for cakes, pies, cookies, and more!

Take time to explore my Recipe Index, which includes nearly 500 recipes, all tried and tested by me and my family, who have given each of them a thumbs up. Sometimes two!


Hobbies and Interests

Besides cooking and baking, my hobbies include reading, herb gardening, and antique shopping. I enjoy spending time with my family and grandchildren and traveling with our daughters, THE VOGTS SISTERS, on weekend performances.

My passions include collecting Polish Pottery, vintage hen-on-nests, ceramic roosters, and tea pots. I also love Dove dark chocolate!

I invite you to share in this recipe journey by joining me here and on my social networks. Sign up for my Monthly Newsletter, and if you have questions about a recipe or would like to learn more about me or this blog, be sure to leave a comment on a recipe or Contact Me Here.

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