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At the end of a year, I like to look back and take “inventory” of my recipes and how they were viewed. In regard to the Most Popular Recipes of 2023, the recipes ranged all over the spectrum with German Recipes coming in at the top. Recipe for Kielbasa Sauerkraut and Potatoes


Top Twelve Recipes for 2023

This recipe for Kielbasa Sauerkraut with Potatoes was my all time favorite with over 20,000 views. I find this quite odd, as it didn’t even rank in the top 15 last year. It’s an easy one-dish recipe to make for your family as a weeknight dinner. Flavored with onion, garlic, thyme, and sage, it’s quite satisfying.

Recipe for Kielbasa Sauerkraut and Potatoes
Kielbasa Sauerkraut and Potatoes
Kielbasa Sauerkraut and Potatoes is an easy one-dish recipe to make for your family as a weeknight dinner. Flavored with onion, garlic, thyme, and sage, it’s quite satisfying. Be sure to add this one to your favorite German or Polish recipes.
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#2 – The second most popular recipe was Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cheesecake. Folks, this recipe deserves its spot, as it’s a chocolate-lover’s dream. Truly, it’s an amazing recipe that turns out every time I’ve made it. I love enjoying it on my birthday or for Valentine’s Day!

Featured Image - Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cheesecake
Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cheesecake
This Chocolate Fudge Truffle Cheesecake is a chocolate-lover's dream dessert. It is a new take on my Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake recipe--made even better, and more chocolaty! More Fudgy! It reminds me of a wonderful chocolate candy truffle. So yummy! 
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#3 In the number three spot, is my recipe for Angel Food Cake with Frosting. Last year this recipe ranked #1, so I was glad to see that it’s still quite popular. I’m thrilled to know so many people are looking at homemade versions of this recipe! When you want a really delicious Angel Food Cake, try this. The cake is light and airy with a hint of vanilla and citrus, and the 7-Minute Frosting is so marshmallowy good!

Featured Image - Recipe for Angel Food Cake with Frosting
Angel Food Cake with Frosting
Here's a recipe we made for the County Fair and also for birthdays. When you want a really delicious Angel Food cake, try this. The 7-Minute Frosting is so marshmallowy good!
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#4 – Climbing two spots is Pork Schnitzel with Cream Sauce, which came in at #6 last year. This is always a popular recipe, especially for anyone looking for comfort food or a German dish. It’s an easy weeknight dinner to make for your family and pairs well with mashed potatoes or German Spaetzle with Cabbage!

Recipe for Pork Schnitzel with Cream Sauce
Pork Schnitzel with Cream Sauce
Here's a delicious recipe to try for your next Sunday Dinner or Oktoberfest celebration.
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#5 – Thick Venison Chili remains in the top five recipes. A lot of my venison recipes have ranked in the top 50 recipes. For the first 15 years of our marriage, our family practically lived on venison that my husband hunted, both deer and elk. After much trial and error, I learned the best recipes for using the roasts, steaks, and burger. This is one of them!

Featured Image - Thick Venison Chili
Thick Venison Chili
The first ten years of our marriage, we nearly lived on wild game, much of it deer or elk meat. Here's a chili recipe using ground venison that is thick, which my husband likes.
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#6 – Chicken Teriyaki on a Stick places sixth. It’s a delicious main dish to make on the grill or in an oven broiler. Marinated chicken tenders, tender, saucy, and so yummy! Check it out and see what you think!

Recipe for Chicken Teriyaki on a Stick
Chicken Teriyaki on a Stick
Here's a delicious recipe to make on the grill this summer. Serve with Fried Rice, Crab Rangoon, or Egg Rolls.
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#7 – Orange Carrot Gelatin Salad is a dish my family has been making ever since I was a little girl. Apparently, it is quite popular for Jell-o salads. It’s a very versatile recipe that is great all year long, whether for a holiday dinner, a picnic, or a summer barbecue.

Featured Image - Orange Carrot Gelatin Salad
Orange Carrot Gelatin Salad
Orange Carrot Gelatin Salad is a tried-and-true recipe we enjoy at family gatherings that's perfect for picnics and barbecues, or even Thanksgiving Dinner.
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#8 – Once again during the holidays, Mom’s Pecan Brittle received quite a lot of traffic. And rightly so. It’s delicious! If you enjoy making or eating brittle candy, give this uncomplicated recipe a try!

Recipe for Mom's Pecan Brittle
Mom's Pecan Brittle
Here's my Mom's famous Pecan Brittle recipe that she makes every Christmas. Loaded with freshly picked Kansas pecans. My dad lives on this stuff from Thanksgiving to New Years, and somehow my mom always manages to make enough to give as gifts.
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#9 – German Spaetzle with Cabbage climbs into the top twelve recipes this year. We’ve been making homemade spaetzle in our home for many years. My mother-in-law shared the recipe with me back at my first Oktoberfest celebration at our church. It’s simply delicious and is perfect with German food, or for your next holiday dinner.

Recipe for German Spaetzle with Cabbage
German Spaetzle with Cabbage
Being Lutheran with German heritage on both sides of my husband’s family, we enjoy lots of German food. Which means, we eat a lot of cabbage and sausage! Here are our favorite Oktoberfest – German Food Recipes.
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#10 – In tenth place is my recipe for Roast Beef and Noodles. I’m happy to see that it’s still being viewed by many. It’s so good, and true comfort food.

Featured Image - Recipe for Roast Beef and Noodles
Roast Beef and Noodles
There are few things better than to walk in from the cold to the savory scent of Roast Beef and Noodles cooking on the stove. I love Dutch Oven Cooking, and this is Comfort Food Deluxe. From the tender roast beef to the toothy, flavorful egg noodles and gravy poured over mashed potatoes.
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#11 – This one really surprised me, as my Italian dishes do not usually get much attention. I’m guessing this might be because of our German family name, which doesn’t lend much authenticity to Italian recipes. No matter the reason, I’m delighted to see that Tiramisu with Cream Cheese made it into the top twelve this year. It is a delicious recipe to try the next time you serve an Italian dinner for your family!

Recipe for Tiramisu with Cream Cheese
Tiramisu with Cream Cheese
This delicious and "nearly" classic recipe for Tiramisu is made with cream cheese instead of mascarpone, which sometimes is hard to find in our area.
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#12 – Coming in at number twelve is another German recipe. German Style Meatballs is a family favorite we make every year. Flavorful meatballs in a sweet and sour sauce, loaded with sauerkraut and cranberries. Members of our church like these meatballs so much, they’ve come to expect it each year.

Featured Image - Recipe for German Style Meatballs
German Style Meatballs
Many people celebrate Oktoberfest with German food. Here is a family favorite we make for our annual German Dinner at church. Great with Bierocks and/or Spaetzel.
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A Few Statistics to Share

Garnish Plates with Chocolate Syrup SwirlsAs you can see, out of these top twelve recipes for 2023, four are German Recipes, three are Desserts, and the remaining five fit into their own category. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and that it has given you ideas for recipes to make for your family.


She Media LogoThis past year, Country at Heart Recipes had more than 355,000 pageviews, plus I achieved success in qualifying for ad monetization with She Media. As of April 2023, I have been making a small income from my recipes, which makes me incredibly happy. I owe much thanks and appreciation to all of you for continuing to visit and browse my recipes.

Please stop by again and explore more than 630 recipes available here. I invite you to search for favorites by using the Recipe Index or by typing in a favorite food or ingredient in the quick and easy search bar. Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to sharing even more recipes with you in 2024!

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