Recipe for Shrimp Boil - Summer Shrimp Boil

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Plan a Summer Shrimp Boil they will never forget. Dump this scrumptious meal on a table lined with newspaper or freezer wrap and eat it with your fingers.

I enjoyed my first Shrimp Boil at my mother-in-law’s house one summer at a family gathering, when she dumped pots of scrumptious seafood right out onto a patio table lined with newspapers. It was awe-inspiring! A dinner I will never forget! And so delicious and entertaining! 

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Everyone just stood by the table and ate right there without a plate or silverware. Of course, this kind of meal is meant to be eaten with your fingers, and maybe a great big bib! 

Shrimp Boil Party

I’ve hosted a Shrimp Boil for my family a couple of times now, and we always LOVE it. The first time we held it inside because of the Kansas heat. We decorated the table in bright colors of summer, and I served all of it from a big bowl.

Flies Joined us for Outdoor Dinner

The next time I wanted my grandchildren to experience the awe of eating outside from the table, with no plates or utensils. Don’t you know, the horrid flies chose that very moment in the summer to come out and visit us. Not the day before or even an hour before. But right then. And they swarmed the tables. I guess they thought they were part of the invitation list! Ah, the joys of living in Kansas. Even still, it was delicious and so much fun!

Just Shrimp – Jumbo Size

For both of these boils, I concentrated the seafood on shrimp alone, rather than with scallops, prawns, and crab legs. Oh, and I like to buy Wild Caught Argentina Red Shrimp from Sea Best. They come in 2 pound packages and are jumbo size. My grocer has them on sale for $16 at least four times a year, so I like to stock up when they are on sale. And they taste great. My entire family gives them 5 stars!


Suggestions for your Summer Shrimp Boil


The Main Event – The Shrimp Boil


Extra-large, jumbo-sized shrimp (and lots of it), individual corn on the cob, small red potatoes, bites of kielbasa, and some green olives thrown in for good measure! Boiled in a spicy seasoned broth. Yum!

Recipe for Shrimp Boil - Summer Shrimp Boil
Shrimp Boil
I enjoyed my first Shrimp Boil at my mother-in-law’s house one summer at a family gathering, when she dumped pots of scrumptious seafood right out onto a patio table lined with newspapers. It was awe-inspiring! A dinner I will never forget!
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A Few Sides


Hush Puppies – Deep fried and lightly seasoned with garlic and onion. The perfect pops of bread to go with your shrimp dinner!

Recipe for Hush Puppies
Hush Puppies
Try this recipe the next time you serve fish or have a shrimp boil. Yummy!
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Fried Okra Bites – I’m not sure if this is very authentic or not, but I think fried okra goes great with a Shrimp Boil. This way you’ll have some green veggies mixed in to the menu! Or serve it as an appetizer while everyone waits for the dinner to be served.

Featured Image - Fried Okra Bites
Fried Okra Bites
Here's a delicious recipe to serve at your next fish fry, shrimp boil, or barbecue. Enjoy!
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Cabbage Bacon Salad – Again, this probably isn’t very traditional, and I wouldn’t suggest serving this salad if you’re planning to dump your food on a table. But if you’re serving this dinner inside, go ahead and add this slaw to your dinner menu. It’s quite tasty and goes well with the other dishes.

Featured Image - Recipe for Cabbage Bacon Salad
Cabbage Bacon Salad
Here's a recipe I really enjoy. Crunchy, sweet, with the added saltiness of smoked bacon. Yum!
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Who’s Hungry for Dessert?


Key Lime Pie – If you’re looking for a nice, cool dessert to serve after everyone’s stuffed themselves on shrimp, you might try this frozen Key Lime Pie. It’s light, cool, and refreshing. Perfect for a summer evening.

Featured Image - Recipe for Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie
Here is a recipe perfect for when you want something light and refreshing on a hot summer day.
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Or maybe a Frozen Strawberry Pie. It’s is a perfect dessert to enjoy on a hot summer evening. Lightly sweetened strawberries smothered in whipped topping and encased in a buttery graham cracker crust. Yum!

Recipe for Frozen Strawberry Pie
Frozen Strawberry Pie
Here's a recipe to enjoy on a hot summer evening. Enjoy!
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And a Refreshing Drink for the Evening


Sangria is Summer. Try this refreshing Red Wine Sangria to serve with your shrimp boil. It’s soaked in Dark Red Cherries, Limes, and Lemons, then topped off with ginger ale over ice. So good!

Recipe for Red Wine Sangria
Red Wine Sangria
Here's a delicious and very pretty Sangria recipe to try this summer!
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Summer Shrimp Boil Served InsideNo matter what you end up serving at your Summer Shrimp Boil, I’m sure it will be delightful. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, the food, and the company! Cheers!


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