Backyard Barbecue Menu Ideas

Backyard Barbecue Menu Ideas

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Whether you enjoy grilling burgers in your backyard or steaks or even Shish Kabobs, summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the warmth and fresh air. Here are a few of our favorite Backyard Barbecue Menu Ideas

Of course, here in SE Kansas, our summers tend to be pretty hot and muggy, so you have to pick your good nights for being outside. Otherwise, we opt to bring the grilled foods inside where it’s cool. Oh, to live in a place where you don’t have to deal with humidity.

Grilled Burgers - Summer Barbecue Ideas

That said, grilling is still a fantastic option, so you don’t heat your house unnecessarily with a stove or oven. So, no matter where you live, I hope you will enjoy the following ideas for grilling. And if you’re able and if the weather permits, take your dinner outside!


The Main Course – Summer Backyard Barbecue Menu


Cajun ShrimpShrimp is a great addition to any outdoor barbecue. Cooking them on a stick keeps them from falling through the grill bars. And it pairs wonderfully with steak, chicken, or pork.

Cajun Shrimp
Here's a fun recipe for any shrimp-lovers out there. A great addition to any barbecue.
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Cajun Shrimp


Summer is here and that means it is burger season at our house. Whether I’m cooking with ground venison or beef, this recipe for Venison Burgers with Fry Sauce is a winner. It’s easy to make and adding the homemade fry sauce takes it to the next level that will make your family smile with satisfaction.



Honey-Glazed Grilled Chicken ThighsThese grilled chicken thighs are super delicious. I always prefer grilling chicken thighs to a chicken breast. They have so much flavor and are always juicy. No needless worry of drying out the meat.

Honey-Glazed Grilled Chicken Thighs
Here's a recipe perfect for summer grilling that is easy to make and quite delicious.
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Honey-Glazed Grilled Chicken Thighs



BBQ Baby Back RibsGrilled Baby Back Ribs are another perfect summer food. Yes, they tend to be a bit messy to eat, but if I’m going to get my fingers messy, I might as well get my mouth messy, too! These ribs are slow-cooked in the oven and then finished off on the grill. The barbecue sauce is so delicious paired with the tender juicy pork ribs! Yum!

BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Here's a delicious recipe to try the next time you want to grill. Enjoy!
Check out this recipe
BBQ Baby Back Ribs - Backyard Barbecue Menu Ideas



Steak and Shrimp Shish KabobsOur daughters always enjoyed it when we cooked Shisk Kabobs on the grill. These kabobs are filled with steak and shrimp, and all of those summer vegetables we love. Peppers, Onions. Mushrooms. And Zucchini.

Steak and Shrimp Shish Kabobs
Here's a fun recipe to try during the summer when you grill.
Check out this recipe
Homemade Teriyaki Sauce



Side Dishes for your next Backyard Barbecue


This Easy Corn Dip is so delicious and so very easy to make. Pair it with your favorite corn chips. Our daughters love eating it with lime-flavored corn chips. Try it and see what you think!

Easy Corn Dip
Here's a delicious dip introduced to me by a good friend years ago. It's especially good with lime flavored corn chips.
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Easy Corn Dip



Kenny’s Cowboy BeansWe rarely have a family barbecue with a side dish of baked beans. It just goes well with grilled or barbecued meats. This recipe of my oldest brothers will not disappoint. So good!

Kenny's Cowboy Beans
My brothers are both good cooks. Here is a recipe my oldest brother concocted, which turned out fabulous. My favorite go-to recipe when I want a pot of cowboy beans. Enjoy!
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Kenny's Cowboy Beans



Fried Okra Bites  – Okay, so Kansas isn’t exactly part of the South, but we love our Fried Okra. I had never even tried it until a few years ago and realized how delicious it was. Now my whole family loves it. These little gems are not slimy. They’re delicious!

Fried Okra Bites
Here's a delicious recipe to serve at your next fish fry, shrimp boil, or barbecue. Enjoy!
Check out this recipe
Fried Okra Bites



Grandma’s ColeslawAgain, what would a barbecue be without a side of coleslaw. There are so many options for this dish but we think this one is a good comparison to what is offered at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Grandma's Coleslaw
This recipe is great for summer picnics.
Check out this recipe
grandma's coleslaw recipe



Bacon Ranch Pasta SaladThis salad is a good choice when you’re looking to add a little pasta to the meal plan. Flavored with ranch dressing mix, bacon, and a few vegetables mixed in for good measure, it’s a favorite at our house.

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad
Here's a recipe that reminds me of the boxed Suddenly Salad dish you can buy in the store. Only better!
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad - Summer Salad Ideas


And a Dessert or Two


Mom’s Peach Pie  – Late summer is a perfect time to get in on the fresh peaches being sold at Farmer’s Markets or in your local grocery store. We especially enjoy the peaches that come from Colorado. My folks have even been known to travel cross-country just to buy them by the bushel.

Mom's Peach Pie
Here's my mom's recipe for Homemade Peach Pie. Enjoy!
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Mom's Peach Pie



Blackberry CobblerIf not peaches, then your next best bet is Blackberries. And cobblers rank right up there is homemade pies. And in some ice cream and you have a winner. Yum!

Homemade Blackberry Cobbler
Here's a yummy dessert my husband calls my best dessert ever. You'll have to decide for yourself. Enjoy!
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Homemade Blackberry Cobbler



Chocolate Sheet CakeBeing a chocolate lover at heart, I had to include one of my favorite chocolate desserts for this barbecue gathering. This sheet cake feeds a crowd and pairs so well with a bowl of homemade ice cream. Topped with a fudgy frosting with pecans, it’s always a hit.

Chocolate Sheet Cake
This is a cake my husband's grandma used to make for family gatherings. Everyone always loved it. I hope you will too.
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Chocolate Sheet Cake


Here’s my Mom’s Homemade Ice Cream recipe that is served at almost every family gathering we have on my mom’s side of the family. Creamy and sweet. A family favorite.

Mom's Homemade Ice Cream
Here's a favorite recipe served at almost every family gathering we have on the Swiler side. Creamy and sweet.
Check out this recipe
Recipe for Mom's Homemade Ice Cream


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